Dolly's Dream

The Dolly’s Dream Adoption Program began in 2015 to help dispel the negative myths about bully-breed dogs. Thanks to a generous grant from the Levitetz Family Foundation, we are able to carry on this effort by waiving the adoption fee for two selected Dolly’s Dream dogs each month. In addition, these often misunderstood dogs will go to their new homes with a wire crate, a bed, a leash and collar, toys, treats, bowls, and a 7-week obedience training package. We hope for the day when we don’t need to provide an incentive for someone to adopt a dog, but until that happens, we have Dolly’s Dream!

Lisa and Onix – our current Dolly’s Dream dogs!

We pulled Lisa from another shelter, because she was going to be euthanized. She’s around 5 years old and is obsessed with water. Lisa definitely had puppies at some point, possibly multiple litters. She’s HW positive, and she is undergoing treatment now. Lisa is dog selective but can go on walks with others. She’s great with people of all ages and especially loves to meet children!

Onix is a 1 1/2 year old who came to us a stray in April. At that time it appeared she recently had puppies. She’s shy at first but eventually opens up and loves people of all ages. Onix is dog selective, so she can go on walks with other dogs but isn’t able to play off-leash just yet. She did well in a couple of meet-and-greets with other dogs, but the adopters ended up selecting someone else.

Colton was our first Dolly’s Dream dog to be adopted. We are so happy for this sweet guy and his new family!